Saturday, 11 July 2009

Blue music

Anyone who has checked out the City Links section on the right hand side of this page will no doubt know about a certain four piece band that go by the name of 'The Tinkling Spoons'.

These four lads all hail from Greater Manchester and have been busy laying down some very original City songs that should not missed at any cost.

The lads describe themselves as a 'cyber band' (as they're not really here). Sporting tunes such as the classic ' Dunney's Gonna Get Ya' and 'The Istanbul Song', The Tinkling Spoons' music crosses the boundaries of blues, samba and afro-beat.

The band's official website is at, where their tunes are available to download for free. They also have a page on myspace.

There's new material in the pipeline too, including a Superman-themed Irish jig that has been inspired by City's player of the year Stephen Ireland.


  1. Anonymous11/7/09 23:28

    Graet site I recommend this to all blues

  2. Anonymous12/7/09 06:09

    Dunnys gonna get yah